The Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center (JPARC) is administered by the Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC) and is the product of a number of collaborators. Monica Bethe is the current Director of JPARC, with Joshua Young the Project Coordinator. Use the Contact Us form to send us a message. We encourage ideas for new sections and multi-media essays.

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With heavy heart we announce that our GloPAC Director, Karen Brazell, has passed away yesterday, January 18, 2012, after a brief hospitalization. Karen was the founder of the Global Performing Arts Consortium back in 1998, personally prepared and contributed many of the materials now in GloPAD, and is the author of numerous sections of this Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center. Her energy and friendship will be sorely missed.

A short memorial of Karen can be read here.

Below we have a broadcast of Karen's family's memorial in Ithaca, Saturday January 21st. This was a live broadcast, and for now one can view a few of the speakers at

The following institutions have contributed work:

Sections of JPARC have been created by the following performing arts scholars as well as others:

  • Karen Brazell - Noh Performance and Scenery and Props
  • Joshua Young - General site, Kabuki Sets, and Kabuki Dance
  • Monica Bethe - Noh Performance, Noh Stages, and Noh Performance History
  • Ann Ferguson - The Water Station
  • Reiko Yamanaka - Zeami and Noh Props Illustrations
  • Steven Nelson
  • Tom Hare - Zeami
  • Beng Choo Lim - Zenpo and Nobumitsu
  • Michael Watson - Bangai Noh
  • Nikolai Pesochinsky - Japanese Theater in Russia
  • Amy Heinrich - Intro to Bunraku
  • Maiko Cagno - Intro to Bunraku
  • Ryo Akama - Banzuke
  • Kotoji Bando - Kabuki Dance
  • Kumiko McKee - Kabuki Dance


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