Puppetry / 人形

Puppetry in Japan is generally collapsed onto the form now called Bunraku, the tradition of three-puppeteer acting and jōruri narration accompanied by the shamisen. However, there have been other forms of puppetry in Japan, including those that bridge between the spaces of entertainment and the spaces of ritual.

This research module brings together a variety of resources for the exploration of performing art of puppetry in Japan. In addition to a scaled 3D and interactive model of the modern Bunraku puppet stage, we include indexes of play titles, staging components, audio recordings, and hundreds of images of performance.

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Narrators and shamisen
GloPAD 1006523
Yukahon - narrator's script
GloPAD 1006683
Puppet Manipulation
GloPAD 1004328

Audio recording of Hade sugata onna maiginu ('Sakaya')
GloPAD record 1006818

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Japanese/English subtitled audio
GloPAD 1006874
Puppet stage set
GloPAD 1006568

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