Yakushae and Yakusha ehon 役者絵と役者絵本


Yakusha-e is a broad term encompassing prints and paintings of actors.  These may be images of actors on stage or in private life, but were most often created and/or published in relation to particular performances. Among the various types, some illustrate action on the stage (including direct depictions of performances, prints with actors' lines, analogues and imaginary performances [mitate-e]), others the theaters themselves (backstage images and perspective pictures [uki-e]), while still others depict the actors in private life.  Yakusha-e also includes such works as memorial portraits of actors (shini-e), board games (sugoroku) and cut-out toy prints (omocha-e).

GloPAD contains many yakushae actor prints. Search for "kabuki prints."

GloPAD yakushae
Ichikawa Danjurō IX as Kagekiyo
(GloPAD image 1006920)


Yakusha ehon / 役者絵本

Picture books illustrating kabuki actors on stage and in their daily lives.

GloPAD image GloPAD image GloPAD image
(GloPAD images 1002991, 1002992, and 1002993

On GloPAD one can browse through the individual images and information from the three-volume work Ehon butai ogi. This book contains actor portraits and some pictures illustrating the inside and outside of a theatre. It was produced by Ippitsusai Bunchou and Katsukawa Shunsho.

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