Sanbasō puppets / 三番叟人形

Sanbasō puppets are found throughout Japan.

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Sanbasō puppet from
Waseda Shrine

Sanbasō puppet head by Tengu Hisa
(GloPAD Record:1007072)
Sanbasō puppet heads from Iida, Nagano
(GloPAD Record:1006985)
Sanbasō puppet in a performance at Sanjō Ōmidō Hachiman Daibosatsu
(GloPAD Record:1007047)

Sanbasō puppet with mask
(GloPAD Record:1007041

sanbasō puppet head from Iida, Nagano
GloPAD Record:1007011
Sanbasō puppet from Morioka
(GloPAD Record:1007094)


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