Noh and Kyōgen Theatres / 能楽

These sites bring together multimedia essays on the theatres of noh and kyōgen.

Please use the left sidebar menu to navigate to the various modules having to do with noh or kyōgen.

Currently the modules are:

  • Noh and Kyōgen Performance History - a timeline of significant events in the performance history of these theatres.
  • Noh Performance - a multimedia adaptation of the book Noh as Performance, having to do with the performance aspects of noh.
  • A Virtual Noh Stage - several ways of touring and learning about the unique stage used in the noh theatre.
  • Zeami - a module on the 14th century master of noh playwriting and performance.
  • Public Noh Performance in the 19th Century - a annotated tour of the illustrated book on the great public noh festival of 1848.
  • Introduction to Bangai Noh - a brief introduction and extensive bibliography of the thousands of noh plays that are not performed as part of the current repertory.
  • Kyōgen Translations - an exhaustive bibliography of published translations of kyōgen plays.
  • Noh Translations - an extensive bibliography of published translations of noh plays.

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